"Wikivatoire" is social college of music. This college is in iPad. You can share notes on sheet music easily. This project aims to teach and learn each other for more good performance through network. This project is under the 2010 Exploratory IT Human Resources Project(The MITOH Program).
Note sharing
You can share notes you write down and communicate with other perfomers like twitter / facebook easily. These notes are save in the cloud.
Comment sharing
Other performer's comments are very useful. You wil be able to understand about piece, composer more deeply.
Performance sharing
In front of sheet music, every performer will want to know sound. OK. Let's play music on digital keyboard and share performance.
Real-time notes sharing for orchestra
Same part in orchestra write same notes. Performer copies notes him/herself from others. It's little troublesome work. Please image that conductor's notes are copied automatically. Such a dreams come true, you will be able to get centered on playing more.
Auto engrossment
When you see the note that other write down, you may not be able to read it. To avoid this situation, it is useful to engross automatically. This function uses Zinnia (Open source character recognition).